First Hospital Trip of the Year!

01/11/2019 11:37 AM

I can’t believe that I would be hit by being sick in 2 weeks into the month. It all started with the cough that I chose to ignore and then the fever, mind you I still trained and worked out because I thought it will just go away. 3 days in and I couldn’t get out of my bed, I called my mom crying because I felt so weak and helpless. She advised me to go to the hospital immediately and being the hard-headed kid that I am, I told her I should be fine I just needed some company.

At times when you’re really sick that you realize how sad life can be when you’re living alone. When you can’t even get up to pee, to get yourself a glass of water or even the simplest things like tucking yourself in.

These past few days made me realize that our bodies have their own limitations too, and when their telling you to stop, you should probably listen because it will cause you both. Lesson learned folks! Please do pray for me ❤

*excuse the face*

That’s all folks! ‘Til next time